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Idea: Moode as UPnP MediaServer ControlPoint
Great idea this dedicated forum! In diyaudio thread was real pain to find info if you don't read every day.
I know there are a lot of control points out there which UI/features all suck IMO. Smile I have searched and tried/tested almost all of them and moode is the best hands down!

What if moode acts as a upnp control point (play to feature) also so if you have other upnp renderers available for example HQPlayer Embedded (for converting all to DSD), TV's, AVR's etc? 

Another idea would be multi-room/multi-pi control center with "play to all devices in sync". I have two pi's for testing with moode and "connect to other players" section don't work.  Only two different browser tabs will work. I have pi-hole DHCP with static ip-s and custom names for each player.

And last thing, Random feature could be better. I have quite big playlist but really often hear same songs playing again.

- moOde is designed and coded as a WebUI and so its not possible to have it also be designed and coded as a UPnP controller.

- The only Open Source multi-room solution for MPD that I am aware of is Snapcast This would be a major integration effort to add something like this to moOde so unless another dev wants to give this a go it not likely to make it on the TODO list. Another aspect of multi-room is that its a sort of niche market and so not something that I get a lot of requests for.

- the Players >> feature requires that the client and network (Router) support mDNS, the discovery protocol used in Apple, Linux and Windows but not generally in Android.

- Try Auto-shuffle for random play. The setting to turn it on is in Audio config. Then tap the Random button on the Playback screen. The Consume button should also light up. Below is the help for Auto-shuffle.

(i) When the last song in the Playlist has finished playing Auto-shuffle adds a random song from the music library to the end of the Playlist, then removes it when it finishes playing. This creates a continuous stream of music without growing the Playlist.
NOTE: Auto-shuffle replaces MPD random play as the default method for the 'Random' button on the Playback panel.

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