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Hi. I could not find any info about moode supporting plugins nor how to develop one. I would like to develop, as time permits, a plugin for deezer. But I need a starting information.
A plugin system was never developed for moOde. You would need to fork the repo, create your code for Deezer and then submit a PR. Alternatively you could create a design and code for a plugin system and submit that as a PR, then create the plugin for Deezer.

Developing a plugin system for moOde sounds yummy.

Meanwhile, access to Google Play Music, Qobuz, Spotify, and Tidal streams is currently provided by the gateway Media Server included in upmpdcli. You might want to consider developing a deezer plugin for upmpdcli as a near-term solution.

I'm uncertain how a deezer (or any other external music service) plugin would work in moOde. Does it modify the UI to add, say, a streaming-service(s) view to the existing Radio, Folder, Library, Album views?

There are prolly a couple of ways to do it:

- A 5th view button in the Library named "Music Services" that would display a screen with buttons for each service. For example clicking the Deezer button opens a screen that provides search, drill down, various views into the Deezer music database.

- Add a folder for each music service in the Folder view screen and provide search, drill down, various views into the music services database.

- There would also need to be a config screen for entering the user credentials and other settings.

Something like that.

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