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Great Allo/MoOde review on Audiophile Style
Great review on Audiophile Style on the Allo USBridge Sig using a variety of software systems. MoOde looking good!

"MoOde has surprised everyone who has listened to it on my system.  It is great!  In any mode we tried."


It's nice to see that users and companies are considering moOde as being the best cos the moOde crew works hard to make and support our audio software but unfortunately there is a lack of funding for the moOde project, particularly from commercial entities that benefit financially from our work.

Obviously this is not a sustainable situation.

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Hi moOde fans,
What a depressing thought, losing moode. I've donated more than once but should have set something up to drip feed the kitty each month, which I've now addressed. Would be a shame to lose it.
(11-26-2019, 11:04 PM)grasshopper Wrote: What a depressing thought, losing moode.  I've donated more than once but should have set something up to drip feed the kitty each month, which I've now addressed.  Would be a shame to lose it.

I'm guessing lots of the participants here have donated multiple times (I have), and that's appropriate, but reading between the lines of Tim's post, I get the distinct feeling it is the Allos of the world that have come up short.
Hi moOde fans,
(11-27-2019, 07:21 PM)JST1963 Wrote: Well, I would take out every driver related to to brands that are not willing to cooporate. If Allo refuses to jump in, take them out, do not support any Allo product anymore,

The downside to that is that Allo owners won't can't use MoOde & will therefore not donate.  I have no idea if Tim was referring to Allo, they certainly bundle MoOde but I am happy to target hardware manufacturers & ask them to consider a donation each month.
Just read the comments on the review posted above, nice to see the author asking for donations. I did see a post from in the comments, a snippet from it " we are working on a software that will be ALLO official version for USbridge based on Moode. We have some big surprises coming..."

Thank you all,...  I wrote the aforementioned review of the Allo USBridge Sig, MoOde and more.  I am very pleased with what I have been listening to. Even more so with 6.4???.  I am a software engineer turned systems designer/consultant, and I know what it takes to maintain a project like MoOde.

I have already started contributing financially to the project and I am looking to see how I can contribute time working on the project personally.  I will also use what voice I have to help remind others that software is not free of time and talent along with the real operational costs of running the infrastructure.  

I am very happy that Tim and the team brought us this great software suite.  There are lots of people out there contributing to this whole software stack and I find that most gratifying.   Linux is a quiet revolution for a growing audience of people using all kinds of computing.

Those of us who benefit from this work really need to reflect on the value we receive and do what we can to support projects like MoOde. 

Many thanks!  

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There’s music; always music

The Dr. to Missy
Season 1001, Ep. 10 The Eaters of Light.
See, Thats what I am trying to teach you Missy.  You understand the Universe you see it, you grasp it but you’ve never learned to hear the music.

   just want to say thx you to Bob for the great review on both software and hardware .

Regarding financial support of the players , ALLO always supported open source projects in a variety of ways . Note that along with Moode there are a few other players and the difficulty arises as how to support al of them in an equal fashion

   Tim and I , we have (I think :-) a very good working relation and we will try to arrive at an equitable solution , privately .

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