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Solved: Constant Clicking Noise.
I have moode set up on two RaspberryPi Zero W units.  One is equipped with the Adafruit Stereo Bonnet (1) and the other is the I2S DAC Bonnet (2) with the 3.5 mm ouput jack.  Unit 1 works pretty good, although I do get a pop when audio is started.  The issue I'm having with unit 2 is a constant ticking noise.  Once the pi is booted and the DAC is initialized, the ticking begins and persists throughout.  I can play audio, but the ticking is still there.  I've tried various settings and turned off all surrounding devices.  I moved the unit over to a battery pack to see if it was the a/c adapter.  All to no avail.  I'm hoping someone has had and fixed this issue. 

Here is a link to a wav file of the noise that i recorded. [/url][url=]Ticking wav file

For some reason i get no sound from the vocaroo website, but if you download it, it will play.


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