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Idea: managing playlists

happy new year for all of you and thanks to the team for Moode.
My music breathe very well with it through my allo signature.
not sure it can be better than now..

but main goal is now for me the manage a rather big music database in order not to ear always the same...

Managing playlist isn't very easy, when you have multiple, and want to rearrange, copy/cut/change the order of tracks...
neither in other products i have used by the way

is there any external solution to browse the folder, copy/cute from a playlist to another,... and so on, wityhout being a linux/ ssh superman

second point : when you play a file, want to put it in a playlist, you have to remember the exact name of the playlist ?
also capitals/lower case i think.
any solution at this point, to browse the saved playlists and select the one you need ?

Playlists are text files available in an smb share called “playlists”. You can more easily edit them that way with the text editor of your choice. They’re pretty spartan right now, we can improve the user friendliness of the file format but nobody has championed that cause yet.

I have partially finished code to improve editing them in moode (similar to many mobile apps you enter an edit mode where you can arbitrarily select items by tapping and then cut them out of the playlist or paste the cut items into a new location) but that’s on the way back burner for now as it requires complex interactions with mpd I don’t have time to deal with.

thanks to you for this first solution, and by the way for your work in progress to have a real integrated solution for direct editing into moode
should it be possible to choose the playlist to add the file in a combo browsing existing list ?

These functionalities would be certainly for me a reason to donate again.
i think it is a critical point with large directories, and by the way another differentiation for moode (one more...)

i am a little bit surprised other users not to point on the same request.
are they doing the way you give to me editing the playlists ?
if not, i can't undestand how it is possible to fully benefit of large cd libraries


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