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IQaudIO Pi-Codec+
Hiya Tim, 

I am really keen to get a MoOde LP ripper running and have enquired about support for the HiFiBerry ADC-Pro....

I have the code all good for arecord and a suitable ramdisk to allow this but lack support for a card...
(once a card is chosen and working I will post the method)

I see the IQaudIO Pi-Codec+ would also suit my needs but there is nothing listed in supported audio devices on the site.

Shall I give the IQaudIO crowd a heads up for a device or have they sent one already..?

I already have a request queued up from another user for a ADC Pro but have not gotten around to contacting Hifiberry to see if they will send me an eval board and specs for the ALSA configs so it could be integrated into moOde.
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