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a new uSD card rating
The latest Raspberry Pi blog entry SD Card Speed Test is a good read. 

The tool they're developing for testing your SD card speed is one point; the commentary about how write speed declines as a card gets used, but then rejuvenated when the card is reformatted, is another point. I was kind of aware of this behavior but the blog entry states it nicely.

What really caught my eye, though, is their mention of the new A (for “application”) speed class which apparently is now showing up on SD cards. They picture a SanDisk Ultra card. I have one which apparently I bought before the new mark was adapted.

All in all, the blog is worth a few minutes of your time.

Cool, thanks for info.
I bought a 16 gb sandisk A1 class 10 two weeks ago for only 9 €.
I didn't do speed test, but its pretty fast Wink

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