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Add a second rotary encoder
Hello music lovers,
can someone explain me how to connect a second rotary encoder?
Maybe it's necesarry to enhance the current script of the rotary encoder (where is it?).

Kindly regards
The Herb Guy

nobody that can point me in the right direction?

The Herb Guy
Have a look in the repo

There is a python version of the encoder driver and a C version. Note that the C version uses the WiringPi GPIO library which was deprecated by the maintainer last year before he updated it to support the Pi-4B.

Thanks Tim,

also I found the .service file!
Is there a possibility to add an option for a secondary encoder configuration in the sql db and the ui?

I hate to hardcode the stuff.

The Herb Guy
Theres not really much demand for the feature and the TODO list already has a mile long backlog. Maybe another dev will take up the cause and volunteer to write the code and submit a PR to the project repo.

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