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What's the purpose of chkMaintenance?
I'm new to Moode (very impressed overall btw), using it on a RPi 3A+. I was having a few issues with the bluetooth connection dropping out, but while I was investigating those I noticed the chkMaintenance function in worker.php which, as far as I can see, truncates a whole bunch of log files and deletes the rotated versions of those logs that have been created by logrotate, every 3hrs (maint_interval, which seems to default to 10800sec).

Can someone explain the reason for this? Throwing away a load of useful logs every three hours seems a strange thing to do given that those logs are going to be useful for debugging problems. I'm guessing it has something do with preserving storage space, but I'd expect to be able to rely on logrotate for that purpose.

I'm probably missing something here.

Thanks in advance for your help  Smile
Cos 99% of the logs are never needed for troubleshooting most moOde issues and there's not much free disk space on a stock moOde image. Maybe around 690MB. Normally we use MPD log, Moode log and sometimes syslog or dmesg to troubleshoot most user issues.

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 3.4G 2.5G 693M 79% /

On the dev side there's sometimes a need to look at other logging like that from Bluetooth or shairport-sync or other processes but even that's not all that common.

Are u using the just released 6.5.0?

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