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Problem: How does the Clock Radio work?
So I have been trying to use the alarm clock function using a webradio as the source. I started playing the stream and from the playlist selected "Set for Clock Radio" and set the times. 

I had played some other tracks in the meantime and so the playlist had them in it. Once the clock reached the on-time it started playing the playlist that was currently loaded not the radio station I wanted.

I played with it some more, set the time to be a few minutes ahead and cleared the playlist. Now it done nothing. Repeating with a random album in the playlist and it starts to play the playlist not the webradio station it was set with.

Am I missing something here?
It works fine for me. All that's required is that the item selected for clock radio is somewhere in the main Playlist. if it's not then clock radio just issues a play command which will play the last played item in the main Playlist.
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