Thank you for your donation!

Quit smoking and spend $5 for a good cause
There's talk... and talk:
I don't smoke but I coughed up a fiver last night after trying Moode for the first time. Not sure yet whether I'll continue using it as I'm having a couple growing pains (one is 100% on my end) but the project looks cool enough the least I can do is buy a cup of coffee for it.
Donated another $10. I dont smoke. 

I like the current system, but I always feel there should be Moode basic (free) and Moode Pro (paid) extra features. I would always pay for extra features.  Smile  . It helps fund the development.
Well deserved, 5 bucks well spent. Regards:-)
I like features and stability of the v7.2.
Well done Moodeaudio team, thank you a lot!
Just donated 30USD
never saw the appeal of smoking but it's very common in Germany still, even among younger people. donate $5 for a good cause and saving your lungs sounds like a good idea tho.

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