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UTMP Update?

I bought an rpi4 4gb. I have tried both r642 and r652. I’m getting some kind of UTMP update and it just hangs there.
I cannot launch moode.local from my ipad as with previous rpi4 unit. 

Do I just leave it on for a while? How do I know when it is ready.

Previous rpi4 unit, I just wrote the iso image to micro sd and powered up the rpi4. I could then go to moode.local
and setup the wifi without any issues.

I’m not sure why I’m getting this message.


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You seem to be watching the console screen. Those last "Starting/Started Update UTMP..." lines are perfectly normal.

What is not normal is that you don't then see the console Login: prompt.

A quick Google search turns up a lot of posts about LInux and Raspbian systems hanging at this point and the proposed resolutions seem a bit sketchy to about fixing the video driver, repairing apt info, etc.

In any case, this is not normal behavior. I suggest you flash a fresh image of moOde to a new uSD card (e.g., not the same as the one which isnt' booting), make sure you have an adequate power source for your RPi4B, and try booting again.

Thank you Kent. Your info is very helpful. At least now I know what to look for. I have a working unit. I will try with that SD card. Could be the rpi4 hardware itself.

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