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Silent HDD Recomendation for NAS
(06-03-2020, 11:20 AM)Zinck84 Wrote: Hello, and excuse me if this question shouldn't be posted here.

Currently I'm using a 4TB Toshiba X300 HDD in my D118 Synology NAS. The problem is that the thing makes a lot of noise when reading files. I listen to music right next to it for space reasons, and sometimes it turns me crazy. I'm searching for a sustitute, so I would like to know if someone has any recommendation for HDD that don't make much noise.

Thanks for the help.

A 7200rpm 3.5" HDD drive such as that will be noisy. Some HDD enclosures will dampen that noise, but it will never be silent unless you can locate it inside of a cabinet or far enough away from the listening position that it's essentially inaudible.

This is one reason why people favor a NAS or network share scenario for their music library, so that it can be located far enough away from the listening position as to not be heard.

Or, as stated in above posts, you can get truly silent performance from an SSD, but at substantially higher cost.

One option there (depending on budget) might be something like a Western Digital Blue M.2 SSD in an enclosure that can house 2 of them to run as one large drive. Not cheap, but it is silent and also adds the bonus of super fast read and write speeds.

The 2.5" SATA form factor SSD might be a little cheaper, and is also silent, though physically larger.
Sadly SD is still too expensive. I'm forced to have the NAS in the open and close right now, when I get the space to move it I suppose the problem will disapear.

I'll try with a WD blue. It works at 52000 r.p.m and it seems its seek noises should be lower than the toshiba.
The main advantage of network attached storage is that everything on your LAN can access it and it can be hiden away from your living space where your cant hear it. If you do this then HD noise doesn't matter, just dont have it in your living & listening space.

That said I have both WD Red and Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives in my array and both models are pretty quiet for spinning disks, quieter than a lot of desktop drives. My array is 6 disks in 2 fan cooled jbod enclosures so they're not quiet, they're under the stairs far away from the listening space.

I agree that SSDs are not ideal for home NAS applications just yet, they're expensive and whilst wear rates have improved in recent years consumer ssds aren't built for 24/7 nas application and the performance isn't needed for the average home, you saturate the LAN before reaching the limits of a HDD.
In my experience the Seagate 3.5 drives have a noticeable noise once they have more than one platter in them, I now use WD hdds in my tower next to my desk, much quieter, rpm being equal.


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