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Multi-room outputs
First off, i'd like to thank Tim for his time and effort. I have been using Moode audio for a week or so and everything is outstanding! This is quality software.

I'm looking for a way to broadcast the output of my PI running Moode Audio to another computer (in the garage, on the same LAN, running Linux). I did this in the past by using MPD on the PI and by adding these lines to /etc/mpd.conf:

audio_output {
type "pulse"
name "GARAGE"
server ""

The computer in the garage was configured to act as a PulseAudio client and everything was working fine. I read a couple of forum treads in here and i undertsand that Moode Audio's PHP is constantly rewriting the mpd.conf and that it only allows one output at a time. I tried and modified /var/www/inc/playerlib.php::wrk_mpdconf() to get my "garage-output" persistant in the mpd.conf but it seems to crash MPD and Moode UI in the first place, persistance or not.

Am I looking in the right direction? Is there any other way to manage multi-room outputs over the LAN?
Have a look at the Build Recipe in STEP 6 where MPD is compiled. You will see that MPD is compiled w/o the pulse audio plugin.

Instead of Pulse you could try the httpd plugin.

Following your advice, i tried httpd-output and it works! ...but there's some delay in audio that i'm unable to get rid of; no mater what encoding i choose. Also, there's the need for an extra (and so far unconvinient) http client running on the remote computer.

I installed "libpulse-dev" and I'm re-compiling MPD with the "--enable-pulse" flag at the time of writing. I'll post the result if I get anything functional that doesn't interfere with the software.
Hi renard_wild,
I found your post and wanted to ask if you were successful in creating a multi-room broadcast using Pulse Audio. I did compile the MPD but got stuck where Moode UI still shows MPD 21.16 and not the new compiled 21.20 with Pulse enabled.

What is your final configuration to achieve a multi-room configuration? I am dropping the Snapcast solution, because it is too buggy and I can't get it to work.


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