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NAS from plain old router USB "READYShare"
I gotta admit, I'm well slanted toward the lazy side.  I'm quite pleased with how easy Moode "just works" and its integration of a pi 3B and HifiBerry AMP2.  Bravo on that one!

I have two systems in the house, main and bedroom, with the Moode system in the bedroom.  I'm happy to copy material to a USB for playback there...

Then...I got the silly idea that I could use my router (R6300V2) to host these files, via its "READYShare" facility and USB port.  The main system is W10 based and easily connects to the share using map network drive. 

What I'd like is for the Moode based system to be able to do that too.  Havent been able to get it to do so.  The "easiest" workaround I can think of is to change the router OS to DD-WRT, which supports a SMB connection.  Who knows if the router USB port even works afterwards...

I dont want to build up a whole NAS system just to get the SMB functionality Moode requires.  Nor to I want to use a "3rd" application to suck the music out via DLNA, then re-broadcast it to the Moode system.  I just want to use the Moode GUI to play my music, stored on the router share.

Considering the hours of time needed to reflash my router to a different OS, or build up a NAS out of junk I happen to have lying around, simply getting a cheap 240G SSD / USB case and copying everything there for a couple hours (I only have that much music) seems to be the most efficient route. 

Curious, when selecting "NFS" in Moode's configure music source, it initially presented a scan button - which actually showed the R6300V2's "READYShare" as a selection.  I edited the path to no avail - and then the scan button disappeared.  Restart doesnt bring it back.  Why would a user-assist function like that go away? A subtle hint that "Nope - you're not going to get this to work - forget it!"  ;')

Thanks for any assistance with what the best solution would be for my particular system. Appreciated,

Hi, if you read the router's user manual you'll see that the router's USB storage sharing is using the SMB protocol.
what vinnn said.

I'm not sure what the OP saw, but the scan button is supposed to disappear when share type NFS is selected in moOde's Music Source screen. NFS works differently from the way SMB does and you need to know the particulars in advance. [I'm not going to debate here the way a hacker would go about detecting the presence of an NFS server.]

In MoOde have you turned on the UPnP Media Browser toggle in the Audio settings under UPnP /DLNA section?  I have a similar Netgear router and that was my issue.  

I found it confusing in MoOde that adding a UPnP source is still available in the Library settings even if this toggle is off (just never finds results).
Thanks Guys!

Looks like I just needed a nudge in the right direction.  Sorry about the NFS scan button disappearance claim; I was wrong there.

I switched on the "UPnP Media Browser toggle" and setup the path, suggested username and password.  Full path is READYSHARE/USB_Storage/Music

The Server setup pane looks like this and it's working - I'm listening to music as I type here.  Thanks again - One Happy Camper!


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