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Solved: Library (media server) not shown completely
(08-10-2020, 09:17 PM)DRONE7 Wrote:
Quote:Looks like some kind of timeout/interrupt occurs...

Errors I receive from time to time is "transport endpopint not connected". Then, no song works anymore and I have to restart.

this would seem to indicate a power supply, resource usage or connection problem...
What are the details of the device you are accessing the files from.. how is it powered/connected.

The SSD is attached to a FritzBox (USB3.0). The router provides the media server functionality.
Since the direct access to the media server works from other devices (mobile, PC, ...) I don't think
it's a supply issue.
It's only the Raspberry+moOde which can't read all songs...

I'm not familiar with this OS. But since the SSD works via USB at the Raspberry and at least some
albums are added to the library the permissions shouldn't be an issue. Or?

What I can't get is the fact that the number of imported albums varies, but not much. Sometimes
I manage to get one or two more, sometimes not.

Guess what?! Your hint concering power supply made me think. Even though the used HDD
draws only a little more current than an SSD, I copied the database and attached an SSD
to the USB port of my router. And this works! Big Grin It's much faster even though the SSD is USB 2.0
and the HDD 3.0.
It seems the moOde access to the library is somehow more excessive than from other devices
(I never had issues in the past with e.g. mobile phone or LAN players.) so that the router throttles the drive
or even switches it off. I'll order an active USB HUB and give it another try.
Nevertheless, I'm happy now. Big Grin 

Many thanks to all of you.

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