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Send audiostream from linux?
Hello, first I want to congratulate to everyone working and supporting this project, it's great.
I've been using it for a year in macOs sending audio via airplay or directly to the spotify client via the computer or the cellphone.
Now I'm leaving macOs and working in a linux system (Manjaro). I'm trying to send via airplay but all the protocols are HTTP and I think moode is expecting UDP. Is there any way I can stream the audio from the PC? I don't have bluetooth adaptor, I want to stream via network. Tried to do some research of the other types of connections but I couldn't find anything suitable.
Thanks in advance, cheers!
Ask on the Msnjoro Forum. Do they have one?
This has worked for me.....from an Ubuntu pc to MoOde.
If your Manjaro install uses pulse-audio it should work for you too.
Caveat... have not tried it recently...there may be changes.

There are a delay 2-5 seconds, so it is impossible to use pulseaudio-dlna to watch movies, for example.
Here is my ugly workaround: pulseaudio-module-zeroconf on Volumio
You can stream to Airplay client. Do this: sudo apt-get install paprefs pulseaudio-module-raop . Paperfs works in both Fedora and Ubuntu. Yes, the music stream is delayed.

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