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control volume by gesture?
Please excuse the extreme laziness and/or desire for ultimate convenience. It is already very very easy, very very convenient to control the volume.

We use the rpi 7" touchscreen in the kitchen. There are times when lots of things are cooking, people are talking, the phone rings, etc. and we'd like to be able to change the volume with muscle memory and not engage brain at all. The way we all did with our radios back in the day when there were radios.

On the library screen and the currently-playing screen, would it be possible to add a gesture for this? Two finger swipe? circular swipe?

Not sure there's a single line of code that would help you but VLC player on android has this feature and it's very nice.

Thank you!

I use a USB volume knob. It's super convenient :-)
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Thank you very much, Tim.

I did see the thread on the DROK volume control. Looks really nice. I was thinking that it would be easier to clean off sticky-finger residue from the pi screen. But I realize that cleaning convenience isn't really the focus of your project!


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