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[split] Allo BOSS DAC 1.2
I bought a Allo Boss Dac for a new config on my Raspberry pi3b. Put all on a single power supply and dont like the performance of it. Tried power direct on the Pi and via the DAC. When I put on the power the Moode webaccess in not available and once startup after several tries I need to reboot it via the powerdown/reboot buttons or ssh into to reboot.
After this the Moode is available but my NAS needs to be reconnected.
To me it looks like the startup go wrong because of the timing in networkaccess.
Anyone any tips for changing my config? or solution to solve this.
I split your post from the Audio Gear forum into a new thread in the Support forum.
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Are you saying the issue only occurs when using 2 power supplies?
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Not sure how to interpret the info regarding your 'power feed' set-up... However, from my experience with a RPi2+BOSS v1.1 (that I still use from time to time), if using TWO distinct power supplies, the BOSS has to be the first to be powered... I also leave a time delay of 20-30 seconds for powering the RPi AFTER powering the BOSS; I'm using this combo from time to time for testing power supplies and the time to reach and settle to the set DC voltage (i.e. 5VDC) can differ from one design to another.

The BOSS DAC (any DAC) has to be fully functional before the RPi powers up and starts 'looking' for attached devices, etc. Make a few tests and you'll find the optimum power-up delay (I've found that 30 seconds is enough whatever PSUs I may have used)
Nope: my setup is with one powersupply connected via the Boss Dac.
1. Maybe your power supply is not up to the task (faulty or not fitting the power requirements for feeding the RPi3 + BOSS DAC)
2. Experiment with TWO power supplies connected separately to the RPi and the BOSS

On all set-ups you choose for supplying 5VDC to your RPi3 + BOSS DAC combo OBSERVE the guides:
- BOSS Setup Manual
- Boss 1.2 DAC Tech Manual
- BOSS 1.2 Power Feeding Instructions

The guides can be found here:

[edit]   << After this the Moode is available but my NAS needs to be reconnected  >>

Once the NAS is set-up in the MoOde config there should not be any need to reconnect the NAS. Please consider re-loading the current MoOde build on a known good uSD card, revise the MoOde Setup Guide, use only the LAN connection and do not attach any devices to the RPi (apart from the BOSS DAC) until you are satisfied with your power supply feed arrangements.

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