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Solved: 'Phone-Book style' Library.
I've always stored my physical albums 'Phone-book style'... my LPs, then my CDs but have been a little thrown by digital library cataloging and it's strange (to me) insistence on First names sorting rather than the familiar 'Phone-book' sorting.

By now those who remember the paper phone-book may be engaged whilst those who have never sighted one are probably going 'what is he talking about ?'

I love standing in front of my LPs and CDs and searching, alphabetically, the spines...the serendipity of searching for one album but being waylaid by finding another. :-)

My 'real' Albums are stored by artist surname and group (excluding a,the,an etc) name. Just like a phone-book, or electoral roll,or a book library!!.

But digital artist library sorts by the first name in the if I'm scrolling through Moode albumview looking for Clapton then, unless there is a Charles Clapton, I won't find anything under 'C'.
E for Eric or R for Richard will find a Clapton but not a C for Clapton...Sad and I'm a bit hopeless at remembering first names anyway... Besides, who ever heard of William ? but we've all heard of Shakespeare.;-)

Yes, before you post...I know I can search the library using 'Clapton' and return everything stored ...everything except the serendipity.

If I only ever find what I'm looking for then I may never discover albums I have forgotten the names of...;-)

Yes, I realise how difficult it would be to code a library catalogue system to suit my needs and have no intention of asking Tim and the team for a solution.. :-)

However... Thinking a bit sideways, and always up for breakage and experiments, I wondered about the current Moode Library options and how they could be harnessed for my needs.

Here is what works...(so far  Smile  )
In the Appearance settings I have 'Albumview sort order' set to Artist.
In the 'Ignore Articles' I have  "a,the,best of" then all the First names of artists in the library !

This sorts the Albumview to Artists by Surname and Bands by name without articles... just as I have my shelves of LPs and CDs.

So far there seems to be no hit to resource usage by sorting this way and it is quickly reset by deleting the name list so no problems with reversibility..:-)

At first I was unsure what the effect of removing some names would have on artist sorting where the artist's first and surnames were both traditional first names. Would Elton John just disappear ?      (would I even care if he did ? Big Grin )
But no! The normal library sort works on the first encountered name and no further so now I find in the 'John' listing an Elton..:-) Cool, thanks Tim and Team!

For any other like-minded (deranged ?) Moode user who wishes to try this here is my current list of 'Ignore Articles'(in no particular order).  Just copy and paste into the 'Ignore Articles' field. and 'Update'

Perhaps if anyone (Hello ??  anyone ??) does adopt this they could post and add their list of First Names so I can add them to this post :-)


Joan,Aaron,Age,Al,Bob,Alanis,Albert,Ali,Alison,Amy,Andrew,Ani,Arlo,Andreas,Annie,Anna,Anne,Arne,Allison,Andre,Antony,Ben,Bic,Billie,Billy,Bobby,Bryan,Bruce,Brian,Brooke,Burt,Carole,Chris,Chuck,Dave,David,Deborah,Eddy,Eddie,Edie,Don,Donna,Dory,Elkie,Elton,Elvis,Duane,Dusty,Emmylou,Dianna,Dinah,Engelbert,Ennio,Emma,Eric,Eva,Etta,Frank,Fred,Fritz,Garry,Gary,George,Gilles,Gillian,Gin,Glen,Diana,Grover,Hamza,Grace,Harry,Herb,Hinemoana,Hirini,Holly,Hollie,Isao,J.J.,Jack,Jacques,James,John,Jeff,Janis,Jean-Michel,Jennifer,Jenny,Jerry,Jim,Jimi,Jimmy,Joe,Johnny,Joni,Jose,Joss,Juice,k.d.,KT,Leonard,Lightnin,Linda,Lonnie,Lou,Luke,Macy,Lauryn,Karen,Kate,Kevin,Madeleine,Mahinarangi,Maksim,Marianne,Mark,Martin,Mary,Mason,Mavis,Max,Michael,Michelle,Mike,Miles,Natalie,Neil,Nick,Nina,Olivia,Otis,Pat,Patti,Paul,Peter,Phil,Pops,R.L.,Ray,Regina,Richard,Rhian,Rickie,Robert,Robbie,Roger,Roberta,Rod,Rosanne,Roy,Rudolf,Ruthie,Ry,Sam,Sandie,Sandy,Sheryl,Shona,Sinead,Skip,Solomon,Stevie,Steve,Tanita,Tom,Toni,Tony,Tracy,Van,Viktoria,Warren,Woody,Yusef,Karen,Gordon,Greg,Gregorio,Best of,Alan,Arthur,Kim,Narciso,The,

Over my morning coffee I did a quick compare with my non classical library. I only have a few additions


I'm certainly thinking of implementing this.
I started doing this a while back, but lost it when I upgraded to moode 6.7.1. Kent even gave me the name of the file to edit directly. I don't know if this file can be saved and copied to the latest version of moode? I suppose you could cut and paste names from a normal text file.

see this thread
@sheridat   Thanks for the Names !  Smile

@kit1cat  Thanks for the link ! I must have read this when it was first posted but didn't connect the dots Blush .

Kent will sigh at my oversight when he returns from house-moving...(Hope that is all going swimmingly @TheOldPresbyope  )

Why not just list you Artist name lastname first, firstname last? as in Dylan, Bob? and what do you do with band names that are person names, like Jethro Tull or Uriah Heep? Do you sort them by last name first?

I actually still have my CDs sorted as you do, but all my digital files I sorted as per every music software does. ie. Elton John under E.. I figured it was just easier.. LOL
@Bob_m_54       I find it easier to use this minor adjustment to the Ignore Article list than retag my existing library. Plus it is instantly reversible.

Good point about the double moniker bands....a quick Google found so very few examples, most with uncommon first name (How many artists are named Uriah ?).  I'm happy to live with the very few bands that get misplaced in return for a familiar artist sorting. :-)

(another) bob.


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