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Problem: upnp renderer disappears
Hello all

hope you are healthy and fine.

I am on 6.7.1 and it is connected my homenetwork over wifi.

I am trying to use tidal with 

I enabled upnp renderer from audio config and saved my tidal id and password and I am using mconnect on iOS but mconnect never find moode upnp renderer

I used a tool on mac UPnP analyzer to see wherther renderer is discovered on my network 

If I restart renderer it shows up UPnP analyzer browser for a second and then disapears. I have an another device with UPnP enabled and this show all the times on UPnP analyzer browser so I assume it is not a router or network issue 

What other troubleshooting steps I can take ?

Moode’s capabilities as a UPnP renderer has always been rock solid for me, though I’ve never taken a subscription to Tidal or used mConnect as a control point.

What you outline could relate to a firewall rule somewhere on your network, perhaps the router, so I would certainly check for that. VPN could also cause issues, so if you have VPN switch it off. The only other thing I can suggest is that you try a different control point. Try Linn Kazoo there’s a version for Macs and iOS. While Tidal won’t work with this you can get around this by running BubbleUPnP Server somewhere in the background – see:

Good luck!

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