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Phone Bluetooth access
Hello All,

   my Android phone is aksing for a pin code when I try to connect via Bluetooth BlueZ to MoOde on my Raspberry. How can I connect my phone via BT?  

Do you have the pairing agent turned on?
(01-18-2021, 09:07 AM)the_bertrum Wrote: Do you have the pairing agent turned on?

Hello, yes it is turned on and the phone can recognise the device. A Bluetooth dongle is attached to my Raspberry Pi. 3B+. Can this cause the problem?
It might be this issue
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Any technical support question should be accompanied with technical details. Otherwise we're just shooting in the dark.

What, for example, is the make/model of your phone? None of my recent Google-branded Android phones has this behavior, nor my iPad or my partner's iPhones. The patch referenced by Tim addresses an issue found by a user of a Xiaomi phone, so we know at least some devices still depend on a PIN in certain cases.

What is the purpose of the Bluetooth dongle on the RPi3B+, which has a perfectly good Bluetooth adapter built in? Which are you trying to connect to? If the external adapter, then is the integrated adapter disabled?

Since I don't have an affected device, I can't explore whether the proposed patch works. You could try it to see if it solves your problem. What I can do, I suppose, is explore whether the proposed patch interferes with the devices I do have which work without it.


ETA: I posted this just as you posted your response. Glad you solved your problem.
Thank you for your help, problem was the bluetooth dongle, with original rpi bt  it works now and works like a charm.  Big Grin

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