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Problem: Write access to playlist folder
Hi folks

I want to write to /var/lib/mpd/playlists folder using Winscp   I'm using the default SSH credentials and can browse and copy files but not write files.

How do I give Pi user write access please? or if that is unsafe, how do I achieve write access as the owner (mpd) 

I could probably find how to log-in and CHMOD the directory so I have write access but is that the correct thing?



Found this on stack exchange

Go to your WinSCP profile (Session > Sites > Site Manager)

Click on Edit > Advanced... > Environment > SFTP

Insert sudo su -c /usr/lib/sftp-server in "SFTP Server"

Save and connect

I'm now able to import all my old windows playlists (albeit with a small find and replace job to modify the path in the M3U files)

Edit: as well as removing the windows path i just realised the slashes are all wrong so also find and replaced \ with /  Still saved me a heap of time.

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