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Solved: some albums not added in library
hello guys!

I'm new to moOde, I have an RPi 4, and I decided to go with moOde audio without testing anything else. I really love it.

But my problem is that I have an external SSD, in which I have some music I couldn't find on Tidal, or I wanted other versions of the album. I noticed that on albums that are recognized a .log file is created in the folder. the files of not recognized albums are FLAC files. and also what I noticed is that the SSD mounted is read-only. maybe it couldn't write that log file? Smile
I tried to regenerate the library and also update the library a couple of times.

Thanks in advance

LE: the albums that are not recognized doesn't have a pattern, some are downloaded from different sites, like bandcamp and others are converted by me from wav to flac with ffmpeg
LE: solved. it seems that meta tags on the files were invalid and they have been added to Unknow folder

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