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Audiowarp for Mpd perfect for Moode
New app to manage Moode from Android, try it, you will like it.

Just tried

I still prefer Pi Music...
musical regards

I have Pi Music for a while that I bought and I find it very basic, it does not contribute much, it also has viewing problems when you rotate the screen, and I can not access its Support website since it is closed to non-particular Google+ users, It is paid, and is not updated since October 2019.

Audioaward is much more complete, It just comes out and has to improve on some functions, but it is a project that really brings functionalities beyond those that can offer a web access to Moode, I will help you since I think it is in the right direction.
@Edues makes me curious what you mean by ' that really brings functionalities beyond those that can offer a web access to Moode'.

Generic MPD players can not support the specific functionalities of moOde it self.
So what functionality can such app bring that isn't supported by the moode web interface ?

Under android open the web interface in Chrome and press the 'add to homescreen' option in chrome.
An icon is add to you homescreen and opens a full size dedicated browser that behaves and looks like a regular application.
I am sorry if it has sounded somewhat pretentious, I do not speak English, I use a translator and I try to simplify my expressions to the maximum, often with little success surely.

This app offers things like the lyrics of the songs including a translator, it also brings something else in the visualizations, for example, it makes animations with Albumart, Always keep the screen on, and something else.

They may seem like puerile issues, but in any case they show some interest in the developer in bringing something else.

The app is much more agile than the web interface, either in a browser window (I have access to Moode as an app since I started to be interested Moode), or any app, like Pi Music, which is practically a shortcut to a browser window.

I hope it doesn't seem like I have an interest in promoting this app, nothing further from reality, I just felt the need to communicate the find.


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