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How to git push a branch/pull request to collaborate?

I'd like to contribute (modestly, and with some help and review).

I git clone the project and made two or three mods that I would submit into a branch/pull request.

Can I do this? If yes, How could I do this?


moOde makes progress with the help of volunteers, so yes it is possible.
Unfortunately there is not really an contribution guide or so.

If you allow me here to provide some tips:
  • Don't bundle different mods in a single PR, keep it as simple as possible.
  • Make sure that it is merged with the lastest develop branch or even beter rebase it with the develop branch.
  • Don't stack PR on top of each other, because if only the latest get accepted it will contains all prev commits.
  • If affect the visiuals attach screenshots to the PR.
  • For bigger items you can also start an issue in github to discuss it upfront.
  • If case you are new to git(hub) feel free to just practice on you own repo.
From the total of 235 closed merged requests, 163 are merged. 
So with 69% approved by Tim you have a good chance, but no garantee ;-)
Thanks bitlab for the answer.

I did try a PR on the current develop, attached to an issue I created. Sadly, my proposed PR concerned something not open to modification without prior agreement and testing with other third party. Hence Tim did not accepted it and closed/rejected the PR and issue. Not a problem, as I understand the reasons and the philosophy behind that.

I'll continue so to mod my MoOde Audio configuration after having it flashed and installed :-).



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