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Problem: Cant get past UEFI Shell when trying to boot Moode as a VM in UNRAID
I was hoping there is a way to run this as a VM as I have a pretty robust server with decent processing power to run this among other things.

I was able to succesfully add the VM in UnRaid 6.9.1 and it does boot, however it boots into a UEFI shell and I cannot figure out how to get it to look for the proper boot files from there.  I used a debian template as there really isnt a raspbian template for unraid as it stands for now.

If I try a legacy BIOS (SeaBIOS) )boot it just hangs at booting from disk and does not proceed from there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
All Raspberry Pi models are based on ARM processors. After you do your homework you'll know why this means you can't simply accomplish what you propose.

good enough - ill just use something else. thanks

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