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Problem: moode config saved lacking/does not apply some parameters between 7.0.1 and 7.1.0

I saved my moode config with moodeutl -e from the late 7.0.1 and booted under the new 7.1.0, and reapplied the config saved. It went well (after having had an error trying to apply a saved new config from 7.1.0 that gave me an error talking about VanillaDSP).

The saved config from 7.0.1 seems not to contain the parameters I set in Spotify renderer (quality 320Kb and volume 100%).

Some other parameters also lack / bugged: 

The LED1 (power) seems to  be applied as was set (for me OFF), but without effect (LED1 still lit)
The Local Display Mouse cursor was set to OFF, this one is not saved/reapplied

Don't know if it's only for me or if I did something wrong here.

Anyway, to verify.

All the best,

@gregvds thanks for reporting.

Unfortunately, despite most basic settings are covered, the backup is still far from complete.
This at least concerns the LocalDisplay and additional renderers.

At the following github issue you can check which parts still need to be implemented.

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