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Fastest and least cumbersome way for adding music to database?

I have about 2000 albums in my collection and occasionally add smaller numbers of new albums. Could anyone give me a hint on how the addition of new albums  is done best?

The „Update Library“ button seems not to work in my setup for reasons I don’t understand. Therefore my current procedure is to enter the Configure/Library menue and press the Regenerate Music Database button first. Once this task is finished I press the Regenerate Thumbnail Cache button.

This procedure works flawless but takes a lot of time. Is there a smarter way of doing this?


P.S. I am currently on Moode 7.1.0 but had the same issue with earlier releases. The files are stored on a NAS connected via Ethernet / SMB.
What exactly does "The „Update Library“ button seems not to work" mean?

There is almost no information in your post that could be used for troubleshooting
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(04-25-2021, 02:26 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: What exactly does "The „Update Library“ button seems not to work" mean?

It might well be that I think too simplistic, but when I add a new music album and press "update library" then I expect Moode to show that album in album view.

As this is not happening I chose the more complicated procedure described above.

My question simply is: Do I do everything correctly or is there a less complicated way that I overlooked?
MPD records the indexing process in the file /var/log/mpd/log

First I would verify by looking at the MPD log that your newly added album was successfully indexed by MPD. If it was successfully indexed but yet does not show up in the Library then it would suggest either stale Browser cache, incomplete Library tag cache or missing metadata tags.
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Thanks a lot for your hints.

Up to now I had the hope it is just me not using Moode properly. But your comments give me the impression something is wrong with my setup. Will try to identify the problem when adding new files the next time.

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