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Browser - Chrome release 90 issue
(04-26-2021, 09:22 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: I removed the URL and replaced it with the text u see cos the link was broken. It was a link to a google drive file but what I saw was some sort of odd error in the Browser. I originally thought it was a spam link but then decided it was just a broken url and recommended in a following post to just upload a screen shot of the error message.

It looks like the OP added the screenies.

One more test ... hope I'm not bothering you too much :-)

In my  previous failure attemps, the MoodeAudio was ethernet connected.  I configured it as a wifi device and I can now connect with my Chrome OS 90.

Looks like a glitch in the way they made their change for http/https handling and one case was not properly programmed.


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