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Volume Control

Is it possible that each time that moode player initialises the volume control is at 0? This is mandatory in my case because there will be no other control for the volume. Streamer will go directly to dac, so I do not want to damage anything accidentally.

I apologise for my ignorance but I am not a moode player user yet. I need to make sure that I can do so prior using it.

Thanks in advance!
There is no option for that in moOde, it always starts with the last volume level that was set.

You could easily set the volume to 0 when the system is shutdown/rebooted by editing the script /var/local/www/commandw/ Add the line below after both the "mpc stop" commands.

$(/var/www/ 0)
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Hello Tim,

Thank you very much for your reply.

So, If I have understood well, there is not an out of the box option for what I want but it is actually easily doable with the command above, correct?

Cheers Smile
Thats correct.
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