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HDMI-CEC Remote Control Script
As discussed here, I've prepared a script that will let Moode use some of the CEC commands available through compatible TVs. This will let you use your TV remote to use the following commands:


The motivation for this is a setup where a Pi running moode has video out via HDMI running to a TV, and audio out running to a stereio. This will let users show what's playing on the TV and have some degree of control over what's playing using the TV remote.

A big TODO item for this is getting some sort of navigation working, so that users can move around and control the Moode UI using the TV remote.

The only dependency for this script, aside from the script and service file themselves, is the package cec-utils, which is available in the package manager.

For now, here are the instructions on how to install the script:


0) Start with a system running moode (image tested), attached to a television with an HDMI cable.

1) Enable the local UI display for moode in Settings > System > Local Display > Local UI Display

2) Connect your pi to a network with internet access

At this point, you should see your Moode UI on your television.

Script Installation:

# Install cec-utils
sudo apt-get install cec-utils
# Install the script
cd /opt
sudo mkdir shoefone
sudo mkdir shoefone/cec
cd shoefone/cec
sudo pico
: copypaste the .sh script into your txtfile
: C-o to write
: C-x to exit
# Install the service
cd /etc/systemd/system
sudo pico moode_cec_mon.service
: copypaste the .service file into your txtfile
: C-o to write
: C-x to exit
# Start the service
sudo systemctl enable moode_cec_mon.service
# Reboot
sudo shutdown -r now
# Test the service
: Start playing an album
: Test the play / pause / stop / prev / next / rwd / ffwd buttons

General Notes:

moode_cec_mon.service < Defines the systemd service < The script that will run to capture CEC signals

For the script to function,
- The TV and moode device must both be powered on and connected over HDMI
- The moode device must either be playing music or be in a paused state

If the above is true, then the following buttons on your remote control
should now control the moode player:
Play, Pause, Stop, Back, Forward, Rewind, Fast Forward

NB that the signals from the remote control go through the TV; point it at
the TV as normal when trying this!

Note that there are a large number of CEC codes still untapped, many of which
could be useful for moode. To test what buttons on your remote control cause
the TV to emit a CEC signal, run the following command from the terminal:

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FYI I put the script up onto github, see:

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