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Hello to all from Czech Republic
... hello to all... my name is Roman Struška, but for simplicity in English i am using a nickname "feflo", i am living in Czech Republic. I am a big fan of Moode, but have only 1 problem - lack of Czech/Slovakian radio stations. But it is a margin issue (despite of this i am pushed to use one of a competitors on 1 of my RPis (one of 5s)). Nevermind - i am happy for administrator allowed me to be a part of this community. And i am apologize for the bad English, but i am 47 years old and i am only learning from movies...for the end - 3 dots on begining, between sentences and in the end of my post are some like my "trademark", so please do not be angry on me for this. Thank you.
What are the radio stations?
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Hello Roman and welcome Smile 

You can add your desired radio stations to MoOde very easily...When you are in the radio tab of the Library page there is a '+' icon upper left...use this and the tab that opens allows you to add stations.

You can find many to add by using the Radio Browser site...

Here is a very quick search and results...

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Many thanks to both of you. My only one problem solved and i can be happy with Moode Audio on all of my devices.

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