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VNC on Moode

First I would like to say "Thank you" to Moode developers for nice project.

I`m looking for good tutorial for install VNC on Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Moode.
I need remote control to Moode, but W-Fi is weak and wired Internet only available.
But Raspberry work on other domain\network and I can not reach Moode.

I think using VNC is a good idea.

I would be grateful if someone found a time for good step-by-step manual for beginners.
I think this can be usefull for all of us.

-- With Best Wishes
Hi Victor,

If the other network is not reachable then how will VNC solve that issue?

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Hello Tim
Moode Raspberry PI have Network\Internet Access
My control PC have access also.
But they have different connection.

For example... I`m at home (or other remote location) and would like to manage and play music with Moode.
I need remote access, like Teamview, Anydesk, VNC.

Today I install VNC on Moode and have a simple "direct" connection (inside the same network domain)
But I see only command prompt like using SSH.

I would like to have remote access looking like graphical web-interface using moodeaudio.local.
And I have not static unique IP address.
Thats because moOde is a Web UI based application that runs on a headless OS. There is no Desktop UI.

To remotely access moOde Web UI you would need to establish a route between the network your client is on and the network that moOde is on for example by creating a port mapping rule in your Router.

Just be aware that the moOde application and the OS it runs on are not secure and so allowing access to moOde from other networks or the public Internet creates a serious security vulnerability.
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Thank you, Tim.

So... Moode have not any video subsystems like X Window?
And only web-interface available? But how HDMI and touch-screen displays supported?
"Hard coded"?
moOde runs on Stretch Lite OS which does not natively include X or the Desktop UI. To support local UI over HDMI or via locally attached Touch screen, XServer and chromium-browser are installed. Refer to COMPONENT 8 in the Build recipe.

Maybe you can somehow use the LocalUI feature for your remote access scenario.
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