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Private Message Question
I don't often get Private Messages on this forum, but I received one 10 days ago, but I didn't seem to get an email notification of that message. I checked my options in the User CP and it looks to me like I have everything set correctly. Should I expect an email when I get a Private Message?

Cheers, Bryce.
Yes, you should receive an email. If not then check your junk mail folder. Its also possible that the email was filtered out by your ISP's spam filter or maybe the Forum software has a bug.

I remember on the diyAudio Forum that I almost never received an email for a PM.
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There might be some issue somewhere in the system. We are investigating this.

Thank you for the report
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Is this fixed...?   I have sent PMs and had no an email being sent to members when a pm is sent ???

I made a change in the email settings last week, and also engaged my ISP tech support which suggested that the email issue may lie in the "site" i.e., the MyBB Forum software since they did not see the test emails in their server logs from PM's that I sent.

I know that other users are receiving PM email notifications so please check your user profile to be sure that you have enabled email notifications for PM's. The setting is in My Profile / Settings

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