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Idea: Automatically disable crossfading on the fly if a DSD file plays

I had an idea where Moode would have crossfading enabled and working for the PCM files, but when it can see a DSD is due to play next on the playlist, it will temporarily disable crossfading, and continue to disable it until the next PCM file plays whereupon it would reenable crossfading. 

I love crossfading and the majority of my files are FLAC, but it's a pain when DSD files stop playing when they finish. I understand the reasons for this after I raised it in another thread, so I'm thinking of potential workarounds. 

Hence my idea about automatically managing this, so the music never stops playing sequentally through the playlist. 

Hope this idea makes sense! Let me know what you think.
Its an interesting idea but it could only be implemented by modifying (patching) MPD itself. The challenge with this is that our project would then be responsible for maintaining and testing the patch every time we bump to a new version of MPD.

I think a better option is to just convert the DSD files to FLAC using some utility. Then there will be no issues with crossfading or any other DSP that you may want to apply.
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