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Idea: Polarity switch on playback screen

I see we now have a polarity swith in Moode. This is a very cool feature due to the fact that almost half of all recordings are recorded in 180degrees phase.
To make this function useful it would be very nice to have this button on the playback screen for easy toggling. Is that possible?

Even more nice if it would be possible to scan if a recording is in phase or out of phase and it switches by itself. But I do not know if this can be done.

moOde has had an ALSA based Polarity Inversion option in Audio Config for many years. Whats new is a Polarity Inversion config for CamillaDSP.

If you use the CamillaDSP config then you can easily toggle it via the CamillaDSP dropdown menu in Playback View.
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