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Add a sound card
Hello everyone!

I want to add a Aoide Digi Pro soundcard to my moode system, there are drivers on official sourceforge. Is there a tutorial howto add custom soundcard in moode? Thank you!
Is there some reason the drivers for these audio products are not already in the Linux kernel?
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Looks like these are from the same factory as the PiFi cards so expect the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro driver to work.

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Thank you for reply, guys. I know, that Aoide is only poor replica of HiFiBerry, but I needed something working in short period of time, and Digi+ Pro was out of stock on official site. So, while choosing beetween waiting for a couple of weeks or buy used chiniese copy next day in my city, I've choosen last case. I don't know what happend in my mind when I thoght that those two boards has similar scheme, but sufficiently different chips, so I started to seek for modded versions of Volumio on SourceForge and then had some tries to build own Moode system afterwards. Now I've got everything working on official build with Digi+ Pro selected. Thanks again and sorry for kind of stupid question.

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