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Radio + Moode + Dlna + Android
Hi everyone,

I would want to listen my moode's radio/playlist on my android tablet.
I search if it's possible and if yes, how can i do ?

I activated minidlna, installed a client on my tablet and i saw the moode's music file and it's ok for playing this file but i saw the playlists as directory, not as file that i can play.
I have read a lot but always no solution.

Can you help me about that ?

It's perhaps a dummy question but i don't see solution.

Thanks in advance
Enter http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_MOODE in your Browser
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(01-05-2019, 03:25 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Enter http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_MOODE in your Browser

Thanks but i don't want to control moode with my tablet.

For example, moode play a webradio and i would want that the "sound" played by moode are broadcasting to my tablet
My tablet would be in another room.
One way to do it is to add the httpd output plugin to mpd.conf and then use a client like VLC to connect to the stream.

Something like below added to the end of mpd.conf

audio_output {
type "httpd"
name "HTTP stream"
encoder "flac"
port "8000"
compression "0"

Then restart MPD

sudo systemctl restart mpd

Then install VLC on your Tablet and connect to the MPD http stream while its playing


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Thanks a lot, it's exactly what i wanted.

A last question : the mpd.conf file is automatically generated by a the UI, there's a method to keep the "manual changes" in mpd.conf ?
Not really, but if I get more requests for the http stream I'll add it as a feature :-)
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