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Idea: Display time-out finer increments
Apologies of this has already been asked/solved, but is it possible to add a user defined setting for the display time-out? I’m using my Rasp Pi 3 B+ and Moode with the touchscreen, but the shortest time-out duration is a five minute wait. Particularly for late night full album listening would be nice to have the option of changing it to going dark after just a minute or even less. Any chance it could be a user-defined number one types in, as is the case in the display brightness setting? Cheers Smile

Sure I can add settings < 5 mins but I'd prefer that they appear in the dropdown rather than convert the dropdown into an input field.

What would you propose as settings?

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Ideally I’d like a 10 second timeout option, 30 second, 1 minute, 5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins, then the hourly increments, unless anyone else has any preferences?

Many thanks Tim! Smile
I added 10, 20, 30 secs, 1 min, 2 mins :-)
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(03-29-2019, 11:39 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: I added 10, 20, 30 secs, 1 min, 2 mins :-)

Fantastic! Thanks very much Tim - look forward to that in the next update Smile
P.S. Donation made, and thanks for such a fantastic audiophile player! Smile

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