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Solved: accessing PC harddrive?
(10-02-2020, 04:52 AM)PERRLA Wrote: I think its working using diningroom/users/leean/music

There is now a NAS folder and is loading in music!  I'm getting use to navigating the moode menus.  I'm soooo happy right now.  Thanks again gents.

Hurrah! Glad you worked it out.

The two middle screen images you posted show your share name is actually "Music DiningRm PC". I don't recall you ever telling us that. I don't know why your alternative full pathname is working; I didn't think Windows10 would expose it but I'm not interested in exploring what Windows does and doesn't do, so I'm done here.

And no, I earned my living as a physicist, research engineer, and manager. My only association with the eyecare industry is through the money I pay them to improve my vision. Cool

To borrow Tim's phrase, enjoy the music.


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