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Just re-subscribed
(05-26-2021, 01:18 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: grandfather all the existing 0-post accounts and implement something that prevents bogus accounts going forward.

I think telling any new folk who sign up that they must post within 30 days or have their account removed, even provide a link to a "welcome" thread where they can post a hello, is acceptable. Any older accounts that are lurking spammers will show their hand eventually and get purged then. Might take longer, but it will get to the desired result.
(05-26-2021, 01:18 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: The challenge is to find a way to prune the bogus accounts while preserving the legit accounts or alternatively we grandfather all the existing 0-post accounts and implement something that prevents bogus accounts going forward.

I'm no expert on Forum admin so maybe someone with such expertise will offer some advice :-)

A pm/email request asking those accounts to confirm within 14 days, by posting to a thread you set, then prune any non-responders ?

@the_bertrum , @DRONE7

Something like that might work. The registration email could prolly be edited to include a section with "First Post" instructions. Food for thought.
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(05-25-2021, 06:09 PM)kit1cat Wrote: Can't you just delete all 0-post accounts  and have the legit users create new accounts if and when they want?

After consideration, in the end this is prolly what will be happening because other more humane approaches require manpower that our small project doesn't have. It's not ideal but spammers and trolls continue to pollute our nice Forum and waste our time dealing with them.

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FYI, I just re-subscribed as well here.

Also in reference to the "0-post" general announcement, In my case I had just a one post in the welcome/feedback thread when I've tried moOde for the first time, back in the version ~5.x or 6.x IIRC, but my account got pruned regardless.

The thread was about thanks and how well moOde worked when paired to the Emotiva PT-100 Preamp/DAC through the USB connection, unfortunately I don't found the thread/reference here.

Very odd. What was your user id at the time?
Hello and sorry for my bad english ...

I'm using Moode since Version 3.nn ... had made two donations and my account was eliminated last month.
For me, this was no big problem because I could resubscribe and it is working now, as before.

This is my first Post here and maybe my account will live further, we will see.

Thanks to the team, espacially to Tim for the great work and a lot of fun!
@admin "Very odd. What was your user id at the time?"

Hi, the User ID was the same at that time "JoseMR", I've also used the same email and previous pass I had in my notebook to re-register.


First thanks to Tim and the team from a long time user, despite I am now struggling with my Album view fore the first time in years.

I have been a member for a long time without many post, but I use my account almost every day to filter read post from not read.

Are there any login on these accounts thats suspicious ? Maybe (if possible) accounts with no login for a given time could be deleted.

This is my second post today and in a long time, might better get more active ?


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