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Hello from the Netherlands
Hi everyone,

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and I have been using Moodeaudio for about a year.

It is the best distribution for my setup with a Raspberry Pi 3B and a Dion Audio Loco v2 DAC AMP board.

I have been using it to volume limit my Roonbridge.

I have also been playing around with Spotify Connect which is very user friendly.

I am hoping to move to either Plexamp Headless or Tidal Connect for streaming my music to Moode audio.

I haven been able to get both working but would like to enable volume control from the streaming device.

I will post separately about this.

Happy to share how to install either Plexamp Headless or Tidal Connect on your Moode audio system.

Happy listening.


Sounds interesting. Both Plex and Tidal Connect are popular.
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